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What are Ninja Transfers wholesale and bulk discount prices?

With Ninja Transfers, you can order DTF Transfers by Size, which will automatically apply bulk quantity discounts to total price in your cart. Basically, the more transfers you buy, the more money you will save on your total order. 


Ninja Transfers Bulk Quantity Discounts

  • QTY 1-14: 0% Off Entire Order

  • QTY 15-49: 35% Off Entire Order

  • QTY 50-99: 45% Off Entire Order

  • QTY 100-249: 55% Off Entire Order

  • QTY 250+: 65% Off Entire Order


Note: Discounts are applied by total order quantity, not by design quantity. 

Example - 100 of 4x4 design and 200 of 3x3 design will get you in the 250+ 65% off pricing on your order.




Updated on 16 Mar 2023