How your transfers are made

These are all the pieces, past our years of know how that go into each transfer you order

  • Industrial DTF Printer & Dryer

  • Premium Cold/Warm Peel Film

  • Premium Matte Inks

  • Kodak TPU Powder

1. Prepress

Your artwork is reviewed by our team specialists before being sent to our in-house prepess RIP software for printing.

2. Print

Artwork is printed on our industry-leading, production-quality printers featuring dual head 2400 dpi print heads. While your art is being printed, a white underbase layer and heat-activated adhesive is added automatically.

3. Powder

At the next stage in the process the print is run under a dusting of DTF specific powder (TPU powder) that coats the printed adhesive.

4. Cure

The print and powder are heated to an exact temperature to bind the two, which maximizes durability.

5. Your Transfer

After a final inspection, your transfer is all ready to be packed and shipped directly to you.

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