Transferencias para sudaderas con capucha

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Transforme sus sudaderas con capucha favoritas en declaraciones de estilo únicas con las vibrantes transferencias personalizadas a todo color para sudaderas con capucha de Ninja Transfers. Impulsadas por nuestra innovadora tecnología de transferencia DTF , estas transferencias de calor para sudaderas con capucha ofrecen una calidad y vitalidad incomparables que superan los métodos tradicionales como DTG y serigrafía.

Tutorial de cómo hacer un pedido
Tutorial de cómo hacer un pedido
Mirar: presione cualquier cosa
Mirar: presione cualquier cosa
  • Producto
  • Frente Completo Juvenil
    7" a 9" de ancho
  • Frente Completo Adulto
    9" a 12" de ancho
  • Cofre delantero izquierdo
    3" a 4.5" de ancho
  • Parte delantera del sombrero
    4 a 5" de ancho
  • Bolsa de tela
    8" a 10" de ancho

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Nuestros transfers para sudaderas con capucha resisten el agrietamiento y la decoloración, incluso después de numerosos lavados, manteniendo tus diseños nítidos y vibrantes. Con DTF, casi cualquier diseño o estilo se puede transferir sin problemas a tus sudaderas con capucha. Aplícalo fácilmente usando una prensa térmica, Cricut o plancha sobre estas transferencias para sudaderas con capucha.

Ya sea que necesite productos para su negocio, sea un aficionado que quiera probar un nuevo método de impresión o esté buscando diseñar su propia sudadera con capucha para uso personal, tenemos todo lo que necesita con nuestras transferencias DTF para sudaderas con capucha. Simplemente elige tu talla, cantidad y sube tu diseño para darle vida a tus transfers con capucha.


  • Print Any Design on Any Garment: Ninja Transfers DTF (Direct-to-Film) transfers are incredibly versatile, enabling vibrant and durable prints on any garment or material. Whether it's cotton, polyester, blends, or even leather, our proprietary adhesive powder and high-quality inks ensure effective bonding with various fabric types.
  • Unmatched colors and fine detail: Our transfers deliver unmatched colors and fine detail, ensuring every design is vibrant and precise. Our technology excels in capturing fine lines, gradients, and intricate patterns with exceptional clarity, making even the most complex artwork come to life on any material.
  • Easy Application: Our transfers are quick and easy to apply, requiring no weeding or pretreatment. Simply position and press the transfer to achieve professional-quality results far faster than traditional methods.
  • Soft to the Touch: DTF transfers provide an amazingly soft hand-feel, resulting in a smooth and comfortable finish. Unlike vinyl transfers and DTG printing, which can leave a stiff or gritty texture, DTF transfers ensure a superior and comfortable finished product.
  • Tested to 60+ Washes: Our transfers are designed to maintain their quality and vibrancy through extensive washing, lasting up to and beyond 60 washes. This durability is a testament to our rigorous testing, ensuring our transfers stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Satisfacción garantizada

We stand behind the quality of the transfers we print for you. If you are not satisfied, we will reprint with a new or revised file at no additional charge.

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Instrucciones de Prensado

Click here to watch our DTF Transfer Pressing Instructions Tutorial Video.

To ensure your DTF transfer looks professionally pressed every time, follow these five simple steps.

  1. No Need To Pre-Press Or Pre-Iron: Removing moisture is unnecessary. Only do a prepress if you so desire.
  2. Position Your Design: Take your time to line up your transfer in the desired location on your item. Normally, there is no need to use heat-resistant tape on flat heat presses to keep your design in place, however it is highly recommended when pressing transfers onto hats or when using an iron to keep the transfer in place. You’ll get a feel for when this is needed. For more precise positioning, use our DTF Alignment Ruler Set.
  3. Press: Press your transfer with medium pressure at 310°F / 155°C for 15 seconds. You cannot damage the transfer by pressing with more heat, pressure, or time -- within reason. However, too much heat can damage your garment, so test first and use parchment paper or a protective guard sheet to protect your garment from a direct iron.
  4. Let It Cool. Then Peel It: After pressing, let your transfer rest until it is cool to the touch (minimum of 15-30 seconds). To speed up the cooling process, utilize our Fast Cool Peel Air Transfer Blower. Once cool, lift the transfer from one corner and gently peel back. We have a saying in the dojo, which is, don’t use your hands, use your EYES. This ensures every piece of your design is adhering to your item. If not, stop peeling, lay it back down, and trouble shoot as follows -- (1.) If some or all of the design does not transfer AND it was cool when peeling, it means there was not enough heat, pressure, or time. Press your transfer again with more pressure and time first (+5-10 seconds). (2.) If that doesn’t work, try 15°F heat increments until you find the sweet spot. You truly cannot damage the transfer by pressing multiple times.
  5. Final Press & Wash Instructions: Place the parchment paper included or a single layer of t-shirt material over the design and press again for 15 seconds to soften the design, increase durability, and remove shine. If you want a shiny finish, cover with a protective guard sheet for the final press. When washing, flip shirt inside out, wash on cold and dry using low heat or hang.

For step-by-step pressing instructions for household irons or a Cricut EasyPress, click here.

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Contact us within 45 days of receiving your order to submit a request for a refund or reprint. We will reprint any order where there is a print quality or adherence issue. However, we will not issue a reprint if the uploaded file is low quality. If you'd like a refund or reprint for another reason, it must be approved by management first.

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All file types accepted, vector files are always preferred, raster art should be at least 300 dpi.

Transferencias para sudaderas con capucha

Transferencias para sudaderas con capucha

Experimente colores vibrantes y duraderos con nuestras transferencias DTF. Destaca entre la multitud con diseños llamativos que mantienen su brillo, incluso después de lavados repetidos.
Personalizable para sus necesidades

Personalizable para sus necesidades

Nuestras transferencias DTF vienen en varios tamaños, lo que garantiza un ajuste perfecto para sus prendas. Desde pequeños logotipos hasta diseños complejos, consiga una calidad y precisión excepcionales.
Aplicación fácil

Aplicación fácil

Aplicar nuestras transferencias DTF es muy sencillo utilizando una prensa térmica (recomendada), Cricut o una plancha.

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Transferencias para sudaderas con capucha

Respaldamos la calidad de las transferencias que imprimimos para usted. Si no está satisfecho, lo reimprimiremos con un archivo nuevo o revisado sin cargo adicional.

Never heard of a DTF Transfer? They also go by names such as screen print transfers, custom iron on transfers, heat transfers, dtf printing, dtf prints, transfer sheets, and ready to press transfers.