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Print any design and transfer it onto any product, material & color with incredible durability. No Setup or Art Fees - No Minimums - Super Fast Shipping - Satisfaction Guaranteed. Now Selling BLANK APPAREL with Same or Next Day Shipping.

Thousands of 5 Star DTF Transfer Reviews

Real Customer Reviews
Clay B.★★★★★

My transfers look like they were silkscreened onto our shirts. I really like the flexibility of applying transfers the way we want.

Mike G.★★★★★

Great work and so fast I couldn't believe it. Ordering was easy and they followed all of my instructions perfectly! 10/10

Janelle A.★★★★★

Words cannot express how pleased and excited I am with my product and this company. The quality is outstanding and the process is seamless

Yolanda A.★★★★★

I got a 200 shirt order and it was a RUSH. I beginning looking online and found Ninja and boy you guys did not disappoint.

Jonathan Z.★★★★★

I loved the DTF. I am no longer using vinyl or sublimation. It looks great, feels great.

Zerlina E.★★★★★

AWESOME! Vibrant colors, quality and perfection was put into all the work. Shipping was fast. Completely satisfied!

We Understand Service, Quality, and Speed Matter Most

An Unrivaled Fleet of 40+ DTF Printers

The Ninja Transfers DTF Process

Faster. Simpler. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Upload Your Designs and Place Order Online

Upload Your Designs and Place Order Online

Use designs with unlimited colors, simple, or high detail artwork. Upload any design you want and we'll turn it into a high quality direct to film transfer.
We Print Your Transfers & Ship within 24 hours

We Print Your Transfers & Ship within 24 hours

We make your transfer using our unique DTF transfer process. Creating the most detailed, highest quality, full color direct to film transfer you can find.
Heatpress or Cricut when Ready. Keep Extras in Storage Forever.

Heatpress or Cricut when Ready. Keep Extras in Storage Forever.

Press your DTF transfer at 320°F / 160°C. Medium pressure for 12-15 seconds. Allow 15 seconds to cool before peeling and press again for ultimate durability.

Finally... Print Any Design, for Anyone, on Any Product.

Our High Quality DTF (Direct to Film) transfers allow anyone from small to large shops, hobbyists, and brands to print any design on any product. There is virtually no limitation to what we can print whether you need bright white, solids, gradients, or fine lines!

100% Cotton or 50/50 Blend
Nylon & Polyester
Twill & Canvas
And more...

Features of our DTF Transfers

No more second guessing your artwork, product style, or product color combination. Our high quality DTF transfers are brighter, more durable, stretchier, and higher detail than any other transfer company.
Pure & Vivid Colors

Our specially formulated DTF inks enable us to print deeper colors and a wider color gamut on our custom DTF transfers. Our color registration is performed to G7 Color Standards certified on a weekly basis for near-perfect machine linearization.

Crisp Bright Whites

The DTF transfers industry's brightest white ink with incredible stretchability. In fact every design, regardless if there is white in it, is underbased with white to ensure that there is never any dye migration -- not even on nylon, polyester, or spandex.

No Borders Necessary

The DTF transfer above is a 4 inch wide print. Look at the incredible detail you can achieve with any design without any connecting background or border on your design. Use DTF transfers in place of vinyl, screen printing, sublimation, and more.

Same Design on Different Color Products

No longer do you have to decide what method or what inks you'll use for your DTF transfers. We print with white underbase on each and every one of our DTF transfers, allowing you the flexibility to transfer your designs onto any color or material.

Super Fine Details

DTF transfers can handle down to 3 pixels of detail, which means that it can handle all design accents and small text, even if it's not connected to other parts of the design. The DTF transfer above shows you small text, separated elements, design accents, a registration mark...etc!

Pure and vivid colors with DTF transfers - text with flame and eye ball
DTF printing with bright whites and bright white text
DTF printing transfers wholesale
DTF transfers with the same design on different color garments
dtf wholesale transfers with a red shirt and white ink of a pizza shop
custom dtf on t-shirts and hoodies

Beautiful Color Contrast

Bright colors and color correctness is essential to our customers when ordering DTF transfers. The colors will show vividly on your garments across any color combination. It will surprise you time and time again how bright and beautiful your DTF transfer designs will be on your products.
Custom Transfers on light and dark garments with the same DTF design

Any Design on Lights or Darks

DTF transfers are easier, cleaner, brighter, more durable, and more flexible than any transfer you've worked with before.
Custom dtf transfers on a hoodie delivered tomorrow

Stretchability means Durability

The stretch test demonstrates durability. You will not see cracking when you stretch our DTF transfers (within reason of course). We've also tested it for 50+ washes with very little degradation made possible by our combination of film, ink, powder, and pressing process.
Super Thin Lines

Super Thin Lines

Limitless capability in terms of what designs you can print with our DTF transfers. If you're not sure, just give it a try and you'll be more impressed with every transfer you press and every design you order.

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DTF Transfers By Size 1 - Ninja Transfers
DTF Transfers By Size
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (2115)
From $1.99
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DTF Gang Sheets - Ninja Transfers
DTF Gang Sheets
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (222)
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Ninja Gang Sheet Builder - Ninja Transfers
Ninja Gang Sheet Builder
Rating: 4.9 out of 5 (298)
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DTF, is otherwise known as Direct To Film. This printing technique involves printing any design and color directly onto a film and then transferring it to any material such as cotton, polyester and linen with a simple 15 second heat press.

No Minimums! Whether you need 1 or 100,000 we can do itI!

You can use the iron you have lying around your house or an industrial level heat press or anything in between. Learn more on our How to Press page.

We have sizes from 2" X 2" to 24" X 20 feet"

We have vigorously tested out transfers on a variety of garments.

Expedited orders ship within 24 -48 hours.

Vector art is always preferred, raster art should be at least 300 dpi. Preferred file types: .AI, .PDF, .EPS

Accepted files types: .JPG, .PNG

We stand behind our work so If you have any issues with your transfers at all Contact Us and we'll be sure to make sure we solve whatever issue you might have.

Heat pressing instructions in 3 easy steps


Position your DTF (Direct to Film) Transfer on top of your product


Press with medium pressure for 15 seconds. We recommend 320°F / 160°C


Let transfer cool for at least 15 seconds and peel.
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