Artwork Assistance

We want to do everything in our power to make sure that your custom apparel looks great, so Ninja Transfers offers a range of free services to improve your design. On request, we can make a wide range of design adjustments.

  • Image Quality

    Sometimes a design is just too low-resolution to produce a quality transfer. In many cases we can make adjustments that will improve the overall quality of your image by recreating elements, replacing clipart, and replacing text.

  • Background Removal

    We know that sometimes you get sent a design with a flat background that you don't want to include in your transfer. Just let our team know that you don't want it and we can easily remove the background from any design. 

  • Color Changes

    Have a design where your colors just aren’t gonna work for the garment you’ve selected? Just tell us what colors you want and our team of Ninjas will make it work.

  • Clip Art Adjustments

    Our team can make adjustments to Clip Art to help you enhance your designs. This includes adding color, inverting images, and masking when needed.

  • Print Size Adjustment

    We can easily size your design to fix your needs. Image is too big or small don't worry just tell us what you need and we'll do the rest.

  • AI Photo Unscaling

    Using in house AI we can enhance most photos to two even three times there original pixel count resulting in a much sharper image.

And more...

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