DTF Tutorial Videos

This is your one-stop-shop for all things DTF Transfers. Learn how to press like a pro, how to effectively use our DTF supplies, and more.

DTF Transfer & UV DTF PermaStickers Tutorials

Learn how to press like a Ninja

How to DTF Hats

DTF ANY Fabric with ANY Design

How To Get the Perfect DTF Transfer Every Time

Applying DTF Transfers with a Heat Press

Applying DTF Transfers with a Cricut Press

Applying UV DTF 3D PermaStickers

DTF Supplies Tutorials

Using Thermal Heat Tape

Using The Ninja Cool Peel Air Blower

Using The DTF Alignment Ruler Set

Using A Protective Guard Sheet

Using A Shirt Folding Board

Using The Self Healing Cutting Mat Set

Pressing Instructions for Custom Patches

How To Iron On Patches

How To Heat Press Patches

How To Use a Hat Press For Patches

How To Apply Peel & Stick Patches