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Explore our selection of blank cotton-polyester blend t-shirts, perfect for both comfort and personalization. Benefit from our bulk discounts on wholesale orders and receive same-day shipping if you order by 3pm EST.

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When you need apparel that combines comfort with durability, look no further than Ninja Blanks' range of cotton-polyester blend clothing. This blend harnesses the softness of cotton with the resilience and moisture-wicking properties of polyester, creating garments that are ideal for a variety of settings and purposes. Whether you're looking for team uniforms, business casual attire, or everyday basics, our cotton-polyester blend apparel offers the perfect solution.

Why Choose Cotton-Polyester?

When choosing the right fabric for your apparel, consider the versatile and durable cotton-polyester blend. This hybrid material combines the comfort of cotton with the performance of polyester, making it ideal for a wide range of uses.

Enhanced Durability: The polyester fibers add strength and longevity to the garments, ensuring they hold up through wear and washing.

Comfort and Softness: Cotton brings a natural softness that makes these clothes a pleasure to wear all day long.

Moisture-Wicking: Like 100% polyester, this blend helps pull moisture away from the skin, making it an excellent choice for active wear or hot climates.

Reduced Wrinkling: These garments are less prone to wrinkles compared to pure cotton, which makes them great for travel or long days.

Versatility: Perfect for a range of activities, from professional settings to leisurely weekends.

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We offer a large variety of cotton-polyester blend apparel in sizes that cater to both youth and adults. Our collection includes options from popular brands such as Augusta Sportswear and Team 365, ensuring you receive high-quality and stylish apparel.

Enjoy free shipping on all orders, with no minimum purchase necessary. For those who need to order in bulk, whether for corporate uniforms, sports teams, or merchandising, we offer attractive bulk discounts that make large orders more affordable.

Our blank polyester blend apparel not only meets a variety of needs but also serves as an excellent canvas for customization. Add your logo, team mascot, or any design using our unmatched quality Ninja DTF transfers to create truly unique apparel.

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