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Unleash your creativity with the extraordinary power of our DTF (Direct-to-Film) ink. Meticulously developed and tested in our own fleet of 40+ machines, our ink redefines printing possibilities. Whether you're a professional looking for impeccable print quality or an enthusiast seeking to bring your ideas to life, our DTF ink delivers.

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Watch - Our Ink vs The Competition
Watch - Our Ink vs The Competition

Product Details

Experience deep color saturation, smooth viscosity, and an expansive color gamut without the worry of clogged print heads. Carefully selected and tested to ensure premium quality, our exclusive DTF ink offers a combination of vibrancy and consistency. Our DTF ink is specially formulated to deliver bright and eye-catching colors. From bold and intense hues to subtle shades, our ink ensures your designs shine with vivid brilliance with long-lasting durability. With Ninja DTF Ink, the boundaries of your imagination are the only limits.


  • Vibrant Colors and Matte Finish: Experience the brilliance of vibrant colors, unmatched durability, and a mesmerizing matte finish with our premium DTF ink.
  • Unmatched Durability and Reliability: Our ink sets the standard for performance. You can trust that your printed creations will maintain their quality and longevity.
  • Optimal Viscosity: Our DTF ink is designed with the perfect viscosity, ensuring smooth and consistent ink flow throughout your printing process. Say goodbye to clogs and interruptions!
  • Wide Compatibility and Performance Standard: Compatible with Epson-based DTF engines, including the Epson 1L1800, XP600, 4720, i3200, DX5, DX7, and more, our premium ink sets the standard for performance.

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