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DTF Film Roll - 60cm x 100 Meters - Cold Peel - Single-Side Matte

DTF Film Roll - 60cm x 100 Meters - Cold Peel - Single-Side Matte

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Ninja Transfers' Premium DTF Transfer Film is the film you've been looking for.  By testing the majority of DTF films available on the market, we were able to find the best film for use in both small and large production facilities.  This is the same film we use for our in-house production!

Our Premium PET transfer film is a single-sided matte/glossy film with a cold/warm peel designed to maximize production on everything from cotton to polyester and everything in between.  

Each roll measures 23.6" wide with a total length of just over 328 feet and can be used in any roll-fed or roll-to-roll DTF printer.

By working directly with the manufacturer and using the same film in our facility,  we're able to offer the lowest pricing in the market.  



Width: 60cm (23.6")
Length: 100m (328 feet)
Thickness: 75um (micrometers)
Inner Core Diameter:  3.25"
Outer Diameter: 5.5"
Weight: 15.6lbs 
Peel:  Cold Peel

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Roll DTF Transfer Film
    • 60cm x 100m (23.6" x 328 feet)
    • Single-side Matte 
    • Cold Peel
  • Re-usable end-caps for easy installation
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